The speed at which knowledge is currently flowing, requires proper assessment and evaluation before implementation. It requires guidance to implement correctly, that is where mentors step in to assist entrepreneurs to make informed decisions in their businesses. Mentors can take time on behalf of entreprenuers to do research on ideas and help in implementing, monitoring and evaluation of the progress made.  Mentors have become a development pulse that every individual who needs personal development, business development and growth look to for assistance.  Mentor Without Borders is well positioned to carry the batton and close the gap and help develop individuals through its accredited Mentors who will provide professional services.  Mentors Without Borders intends to create an overall solution to Entrepreneurs challenges, be it personal development and mastery, Enterprise Development, Skills development, Human Relations and any other area that will require mentorship intervention.  Mentors Without Borders is committed to assembling skills and capacity to mitigate the challenges faced in the  workplace, market place, SME space and organisational structures within public and private sectors.   The organisation has a pool of mentors and advisors who have volunteered part of their time and they come with vast experience.


Mentors Without Borders NPC has a mentorship program whereby Entrepreneurs are mentored by professionals from various industries. The organisaton partners with companies and organisations through their enterprise development and offer mentorship to entrepreneurs in their database, in the community they operate in and those entrepreneurs who send requests for assistance.  The organisation also make use of the company employees expertise in mentoring the entrepreneurs, are able to match the employee with the entrepreneur based on employee’s experience. In the event that the company is not be able to avail employees to render the service, we do request donation through which Mentors Without Borders is able to pay a mentor in our database to render the service. It must be noted that some mentors do offer their time but not in full as they are committed in their businesses, therefore compensating their time makes it easier to secure their services at the time required.

The mentorship is provided as once off advisory service which can happen as per scheduled time with the mentor, as a 3 months program, 6 months program or 12 months program depending on assessment and evaluation of a mentee, gap analysis and the availability or a mentee or a mentor.  Mentees are assisted as per their needs with milestones set.  Mentorship sessions are conducted face to face, via online and through other convenient platforms.  Mentors and mentees submit monthly progress reports.  Mentors Without Borders, play a role of matching the mentor’s proficiency with mentee’s needs and managing the relationship.  We highly recommend that the CEO who donated or company employee serves as a coach and offer advice in a mentor/mentee relationship. 

Mentors Without Borders NPC, performs a gap analysis and match an SMME with the best fitting mentor. Additional business development trainings are offered by accredited service providers listed on our database.



Companies and organisations have been at the forefront of Enterprise development, however, their focus on the core business make it unattainable to have a mentorship program that can be measured and have proper evaluation and reporting.  Mentors Without Borders steps in to provide mentorship program to small businesses that are in the database and those in the communities that the companies operates, as most have company profiles but lack the know how in running their businesses.  Through collaboration and partnership with companies and organisations, Mentors Without Borders, is able to provide the necessary mentorship. Companies and organisations have a role to play in the communities they operate in and Mentors Without Borders is able to reach out to those communities and identify businesses that need mentoring and offer such service, in collaboration and partnership.   The partnership and collaboration Mentors Without Borders envisages, is in the form of partners employees availing their time to assist identified entrepreneurs, funding of the mentorship program between mentor and entrepreneur, availing venues for workshops and trainings and in some instances opening up their network for their mentee/s for further development and eventual access to market.  The Advisory services are offered once-off or over a period of 6 to 12 months, and progress report is made available.


Mentorship Program Objectives

  • To Mentor and evaluate  Entrepreneurs for them to stay on course
  • To empower Entrepreneurs in order for them to be able to run their own businesses
  • To link Entrepreneurs with opportunities
  • To create trade platforms locally and internationally for Entrepreneurs

The following are areas of focus throughout the program:

  1. Business advisory services in general
  2. Effective enterprise and supplier development
  3. PDA (personal development analyses) assessment
  4. Assist SMME develop a business plan, marketing plan, business profile, proposal and review existing ones.
  5. Guide them through compliance process in order to understand the process of taking full ownership of their Intellectual Property.
  6. Design and sustain scalable business model
  7. Business mapping and market research
  8. Brand equity and PR positioning
  9. Assisting with pitch deck, articulation and presentation to investors.
  10. Financial management
  11. Business partnering, acquisitions and mergers
  12. Personal branding and positioning
  13. Business networking and connection with potential clients/opportunities
  14. Mentors serving as Non-executive Board Member in mentees’ company where board has been set upon invitation to do so after a cool off period.


Mentors and Mentees selection criteria

Mentees are sourced from the database of the companies/organisations and are also selected through their submissions via APP and website registration, the selection assists in aligning companies with the mentees that will derive value from the companies through supplier and enterprise development. Mentors Without Borders NPC also accommodates mentees who are referred by word of mouth. 

Mentors are executives from the private sector, with a proven track record in business, who act as a confidential sounding board, advising SMMEs on key operational and strategic issues. They are typically entrepreneurs and founders with start-up experience who have scaled their businesses; people with strong local and national commercial business development experience. Mentors Without Borders NPC, welcomes company Executives to join mentor network and volunteer and commit their expertise and time. We also have accredited mentors that offer niche mentorship as a profession, they are certified by accreditation bodies in South Africa.


Mentorship program duration and schedule

Mentors and mentees follow the action plans and milestones of their engagement and session as provided by Mentors Without Borders NPC.  Each mentor is allocated maximum of 4 mentees and is supposed to meet each mentee 4 times in a month for a period of an hour.  Both mentor and mentee submit evaluation of each other and progress report to Mentors Without Borders NPC.


Qualifying Entrepreneurs

The program is aimed at entrepreneurs with registered business, operational SMMEs, student studying with the intention to start business and early retired employees. Mentors cover all sectors and industries, in a situation where we get a mentee in need within industry that requires rare skills, we create an advert and promotion to find the mentor with the required skills. The program is also open to employed professionals whose aim is to advance their careers and be developed within their area of employment. 

Some companies and government institutions expect individuals to mentor others irrespective of whether there is established relationship or good working relations between the two, this is done for grooming purpose which may overlook the personal development growth of individual.  Mentors Without Borders NPC, is best suited to bring experience, knowledge, balance and well positioned to make the mentorship program effective.  Company employees who want to become mentors will be enrolled into the program for monitoring the relationship than it being casual and focused on grooming only. 

Commitment of Mentors Without Borders NPC, is such that even if the company has a mentor within the company to deal with work related grooming, the organization still appoints a business mentor from outside the company to focus on other aspects.

There is a challenge of retrenchment which leads to lack of income, Mentors Without Borders NPC, assists the companies that are already in a consultative retrenchment process and offers to mentor the employees, preparing them to start their businesses after being retrenched.  This move eases the psychological and economical burden that comes with losing a job.


Areas of Operation

The program is executed in the communities where the company we partner with has operations, however, any entrepreneur from any part of the world are allowed to participate including entrepreneurs currently listed on Mentors Without Borders NPC database.


Marketing and Promotions

Social media and website are used to promote program activities. We also secure media interviews to promote and showcase the program.

-Media coverage and documentary of the company interaction with Mentors Without Borders NPC

-Publicity and  social media promotions to over 300k direct audience in our circle

-Brand placement in the videos and promotional items

Currently we have over 300k social media community: @NdzaviDerrick 260k Twitter, 16k LinkedIn, 5k Facebook. @MentorsWithout Border FaceBook page 34k and other associates accounts that we share content at. 


Mentorship Tools and Forms

Mentors Without Borders NPC, has designed forms and contracts that mentees and mentors complete, to monitor the progress and for administrative purpose. Mentorship manual is supplied to guide how the program is delivered and how the relationship between mentee and mentor should be handled.


Human Resources

Mentorship Manager - Manager monitors the relationship and handle any matters arising which may include the drop out of Mentor or Mentee and finding replacement should mentor drop out before the end of the program.  Manager also promotes and market the program to relevant stakeholders.

Mentorship Administrator - Administrator files the reports and profiles and make available documents that mentees or mentors may require.



Mentors Without Borders NPC, has database of Mentors, these mentors are assigned as per need within the program, each mentor is matched with not more than 4 mentees according to their needs and mentor’s expertise.  Professional mentors are compensated at a capped rate.



Each Mentor/Mentee relationship is monitored by a coach who is a CEO or experienced Mentor, in the absence of any coach, Mentorship program manager takes over the role.



The organisation has team of experts who serve as program advisors.  These experts also assist mentors where they are able to offer specialised service such as legal, finance to a mentee through consultation.


Captains Of The Industry

The organisation partners with CEOS, MDs, Managers and Departments Leaders who offer their time to mentor and advise Entrepreneurs.  The Captains offer general advices and sector specific according to Entrepreneurs' area of business.  They volunteer their time and if not available to render the service they make financial contribution to the organisation to hire mentors to render the service on their behalf and they only serve as Coaches in the relationship of a Mentor and a Mentee.  


Program Timelines and Action Plan

Once-Off Session

A mentee may request a once off Hour with a business advisor. In that case Mentors Without Borders NPC, finds the mentor who is able to have a session with the Entrepreneur.  The outcome from that session may lead to both agreeing to meet going forward and such agreement can be short term or long term.

Sessions over a period of months

Mentors Without Borders NPC, based on assessment and evaluation is able to recommend the program that can go for 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. 


Join the Programme

Become part of the program by downloading the registration FORM below, fill and return via email.  Please note that we are using the forms that are not online based to receive your information directly for security purpose.

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